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Low Intensity CBT Workbooks

In recognition of our psychological treatment expertise, Cedar is now the sole commissioned provider of NHS Talking Therapies (previously known as IAPT) training in the South West. We have worked in collaboration with key professionals to develop LICBT workbooks for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP) to support whilst working with patients.

Workbooks developed as part of research programmes and for wider use are also provided on this page.

All workbooks are freely available for individual use in clinical practice where a treatment fee is not payable.

Workbooks for use within NHS Talking Therapies or other Low-intensity CBT services

Common Mental Health Difficulties

Resources created by Cedar:

Low intensity CBT workbooks

Common Mental Health Difficulties

Resources created by CEDAR:

Managing Your Worries workbook front page

Managing Your Worries

Paul Farrand, Joanne Woodford and Faye Small

Unhelpful Thoughts workbook cover

Unhelpful Thoughts: Challenging and testing them out

Paul Farrand, Joanne Woodford and Katie Jackson

From Problems to Solutions workbook cover

From Problems To Solutions: Finding your way forward

Paul Farrand, Joanne Woodford and Faye Small

Facing Your Fears workbook cover

Facing Your Fears

Paul Farrand and Mike Sheppard

Resting Well Cover

Resting Well: Steps to a Good Night's Sleep

Sophie Brooks, Elaine Norton and Paul Farrand

Panic Not workbook cover

Panic Not: Managing Panic Disorder

Aleksandra Hristova, Paul Farrand and David Johnson

Lift Your Low Mood workbook cover

Lift Your Low Mood

Paul Farrand, Sarah McGahey and Joanne Woodford


Resources from other developers:

A Recovery Programme For Depression cover

A Recovery Programme for Depression

Karina Lovell and David Richards

Copyright Rethink Mental Illness 2012. Registered Charity No. 271028.

OCD Self-help book cover

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Self-Help Book

Karina Lovell and Lina Gega

Physical health settings:

Goal Setting workbook cover

Goal Setting in Low-Intensity CBT

Paul Farrand and Joanne Woodford

Relatives and Carers of Stroke Survivors workbook cover

Helping Relatives and Carers of Stroke Survivors Overcome Depression Programme

Paul Farrand and Joanne Woodford

Get Active Feel Good! workbook cover

Get Active, Feel Good! Helping yourself to get on top of low mood

Paul Farrand, Adrian Taylor, Colin Greaves and Claire Pentecost

Getting more out of every day with memory difficulties cover page

Getting more out of every day with memory difficulties

Martin Anderson, Paul Farrand, Laura Lovis and Joanne Woodford


Bounce Back: Finding Your Inner Strength

Professor Paul Farrand and Dr Siqi Fang (‘Joy’)

Enhancing Resilience workbook cover

Enhancing Resilience: Finding Inner Strength To Manage The Demands of Clinical Practice

Professor Paul Farrand and Heather Stonebank

Textbooks and training manuals:

Low-intensity CBT Skills and Interventions book cover

Low-Intensity CBT Skills & Interventions: A Practitioners Manual

Paul Farrand (Editor)

Low Intensity CBT Interventions book cover

Oxford Guide to Low Intensity CBT Interventions

James Bennett-Levy, David Richards, Paul Farrand, Helen Christensen, Kathy Griffiths, David Kavanagh, Britt Klein, Mark A. Lau, Judy Proudfoot, Lee Ritterband, Jim White, Chris Williams (Editors)

Reach Out cover

Reach out: Practitioner Materials

David Richards & Mark Whyte

National Programme Materials to support the delivery of training for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners delivering Low-Intensity interventions

Reach Out Practitioner Workbook (3rd edition)
Reach Out Supervisors Materials cover

Reach Out: Supervisor Materials

David Richards, Marie Chellingsworth, Roslyn Hope, Graham Turpin and Mark Whyte

Reach Out Supervisor Guide


Perinatal Positive Practice Guide

Professor Heather O’Mahen, Dr. Sarah Healy, Ms. Nicola Haycock, Ms. Sandra Igwe, Dr. Rebecca Chilvers, Dr. Ruth Butterworth

Positive Practice Guide


Widening participation

Exploring Ways to Widen Participation in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Workforce

Dr Karla Mason and Professor Paul Farrand

Widening Participation in the IAPT workforce

Armed forces veterans

Armed Forces Veterans Positive Practice Guide

Professor Andy Bacon, Professor Paul Farrand and Andrea Collins 

Armed Forces Veterans Positive Practice Guide

BABCP cover