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About us

CEDAR (Clinical Education, Development and Research) is an applied psychological practice centre of excellence, focussed on training the new psychological therapies workforce of the future with ‘evidence-based’ practice at our centre. We firmly believe that true evidence-based practice extends beyond a narrow definition focussed merely on generation of research evidence.

Our guiding approach recognises the importance of the relationship between research, training, service development and implementation. Our sphere of applied activity in psychological therapies training therefore encompasses these areas to ensure that the generation of research evidence does not fall ‘between the gaps’ but actively informs clinical practice. In doing so, we aim to ensure better outcomes for trainees, clinicians, service-users, service providers and funders.

This aim is achieved through the dedication of the CEDAR clinical/academic workforce to their specific area of psychological therapies expertise. A level of expertise held by many of the directors, involved in the delivery of the specific psychological therapies training programmes, holding both national and international level positions. A workforce that promotes a shared CEDAR vision that firmly places the user of mental health services at the very core of all we do.