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Clinical Education Development and Research (CEDAR)

HI & PWP Supervision training

Teaching includes workshop/lecture style days of online training. Students will also participate in large and small group discussions as well as other activities.

The final session involves bringing video clips of supervision to discuss with colleagues.


There are no assessments. A certificate of participation is awarded providing that students have attended all sessions.

Course length

6 months (part time)


HI £629

PWP £588

How to apply

Applications to this programme may only be made through IAPT services recruiting trainees and not directly through the University of Exeter. If you are interested in applying for this programme, please contact your local IAPT service or look at the NHS and IAPT jobs websites. The number of places varies each year as the course is funded by Health education South West and is dependent on funding.


Programme Administrator (PWP): Laura Blaken
Phone 01392 72 2459

Programme Administrator (HI): Harriet Keers-Stribley
Phone: 01392 72 3789