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Supporting wellbeing and delivering therapy during Covid-19

Covid-19 resources

During the Covid-19 pandemic, CEDAR academics have played active roles in developing guidance and approaches to support wellbeing and ensure mental health interventions can continue. Here you can view their advice and resources. 

Wellbeing approaches

Professor Paul Farrand has been working with Wellbeing Services to provide three approaches to help you manage challenges and limitations arising from COVID-19.

» Access the approaches here

Behavioural Activation (BA): Guidance for IAPT therapists during the Covid-19 pandemic

Professor Edward Watkins has developed guidance on how to deliver BA during the Covid-19 pandemic, including:

Download the guidance

Behavioural Activation (BA): Guidance for IAPT therapists during the Covid-19 pandemic‌

Additional resources

BA treatment model worksheet

Self-help tips for BA during COVID: SPARK

Doing positive things at home (lockdown)

Webinar with Professor Edward Watkins

This webinar was delivered live on 12 May 2020.