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IAPT overview

The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme was implemented across England in 2008 to bring about a ‘revolution not evolution’ (Bennett-Levy, Richards & Farrand, 2010) in the treatment of common mental health problems experienced by adults.

The success of the IAPT programme has transformed the delivery of evidence-based psychological therapies within a stepped care service delivery model where people receive the correct intensity of evidence-based psychological therapy required to treat their presenting mental health difficulties.

The ‘revolution’ has resulted in a significant reduction in waiting times with over 70% of patients being assessed within 32 days with in excess of 1.9 million people accessing treatment each year by 2024.

Consistent with the focus on evidence-based practice, a range of psychological therapies training programmes are offered through CEDAR that have strict fidelity with the relevant competency frameworks and Professional Body accreditation requirements.