PGCert Psychological Therapies Practice (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches)

Core staff

Core staff on the programme include

image of Mindfulness core tem member

Kay Octigan

Teaching affiliate

Kay qualified in 1997 with a Masters Degree in Social Work and specialised in Cognitive Behavioural group programmes in the criminal justice system for a number of years. She consulted with the Exeter and East Devon Youth Offending Team on the development and implementation of an emotional literacy programme and collaborated on publishing an animation based resource called Jakes' Story.

For the past six years she has worked as a CBT Therapist in a local Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service, offering individual and group based therapy to people experiencing Depression and Anxiety disorders. With a personal practice in meditation and yoga over the years, Kay trained as a mindfulness teacher as part of a supervised pathway at Exeter University in 2012 and has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in an IAPT setting since.

Kay currently teaches Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at the Mood Disorder Centre and works as a tutor on the Mindfulness Based Application Programmes

Jerry Fox Picture 2016

Jerry Fox

Teaching affiliate

Jerry has been a member of the AccEPT Clinic team offering MBCT since 2014.

He has worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Adult Mental Health and Cancer Support.

Since 2010 he has been involved in the research and development of an MBCT programme for young people with depression and anxiety. The programme design is a systemic approach and invites the parents/carers to participate in a parallel group. The results of the feasibility study were published in 2017.

In 2014/15 Jerry was invited to be an expert witness for the All Party Parliamentary Mindful Nation Report UK.

Jerry has also developed and evaluated a Mindfulness Based training programme for elite performers and delivered MBI sessions and programmes in the workplace (public, corporate and charity settings).

Jenny Wilks

Associate MBCT Therapist and Trainer

Jenny teaches on Module PSYM055 of the Diploma in Mindfulness-based Therapies and Approaches, and is a tutor and supervisor of students on both the Diploma and the Supervised Pathway in MBCT/MBSR. She also works as an MBCT therapist in the AccEPT Clinic.

Jenny is a Chartered and HPC Registered Clinical Psychologist, and specialized in clinical health psychology for much of her career. She has undergone extensive training in mindfulness-based approaches including an MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine retreat led by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Level 1 and 2 teacher training retreats in MBSR & MBCT with Bangor and Oxford Universities, and intensive training and supervision at Exeter University while working as an MBCT therapist on the National Institutes for Health Research funded PREVENT trial. She has trained to teach Mindful Self-Compassion with the Center for MSC in the US.

She has been teaching MBCT & MBSR courses since 2004 for a range of groups including people diagnosed with cancer, people with recurrent depression, and classes for the general public. She also teaches on insight meditation retreats at Gaia House in Devon and has a particular interest in the interface between traditional and secular approaches to mindfulness.

Katherine Weare

Honorary Visiting Professor, Course and Academic Lead for the PG Certificate in MBCT/A.

Katherine is known internationally for her work on contemplative and mindfulness based approaches in education, based within a life long career in education, focusing on research and development work on well-being, mental health, and social and emotional learning in education, for young people and those who work with and care for them. She has published widely, reviewed the evidence base for the field, advised the UK government, EU and WHO, and developed practical strategies across most European countries.  She was a lead player in the both the highly influential ‘Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme in the UK, and in the ‘European Network of Healthy Schools’ where she helped to develop holistic approaches in education which put social and emotional learning and wellbeing at the heart of the educational process, for students and staff.  Her recent book, co-written with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh ‘Happy Teachers Change The World: A Guide to Cultivating Mindfulness in Education’ has so far been translated into 5 languages and is influencing education across the world. She is at the heart of developments in mindfulness and contemplative approaches in education, being currently co-lead for Education Policy for the UK Mindfulness Initiative and Principle Investigator with Mind and Life Europe developing a new ‘Community of Contemplative Education Europe. She has a personal mindfulness practice, and teaches at Sharpham House and at Sharpham Barn.