PGCert Psychological Therapies Practice (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches)


Mindfulness is a new, expanding and dynamic area in which to work and presents plenty of possibilities. In our experience, some students have a clear idea of where Mindfulness fits in their work and receive support from their managers; others have found that opportunities to apply what they have learnt from their studies have arisen both during and after the course. Examples of how students have benefited from the programmes and activities with which they’ve been involved include:

  • expanding their current work roles to deliver MBCT within the context of primary and secondary mental healthcare settings (these have been new and innovative additions to the existing services, in some instances with our students designing and running services);
  • delivering mindfulness groups to staff working within a healthcare setting, for example as part of an occupational health setting;
  • offering mindfulness groups privately to mixed populations;
  • offering mindfulness groups to very targeted groups such as people with chronic fatigue, carers, or in hospice settings;
  • exploring how to bring mindfulness in to General Practice.

Masters Graduates

You may be interested in the work of our Masters graduates and where they have taken their studies. Please read below each of their Thesis’s;

Pilot study on the Mindfulness in Schools Project’s Foundation Course for teachers: Investigating the effects on levels of stress and well-being in secondary school teachers (download Thesis – Lindi McAlpine (.pdf)) by Lindi McAlpine.  Please see also additional appendices (download Additional MSc appendices – Lindi McAlpine (.pdf))

What factors motivate and support an 8-week mindfulness course participant to establish and maintain a mindfulness practice? (download Thesis - Jiva Masheder (.pdf)) by Jiva Masheder.

A Space for Embodied Mutual Inquiry: A Framework for Supervision for Mindfulness-based Teachers (download Thesis - Alison Evans (.pdf)) by Alison Evans. Read online.

Introducing art making into MBCT as a bridge between practice and inquiry: Exploring the use of art materials as a means of bringing the inner experience of mindfulness practice into awareness and expression (download Thesis - Rosalind Hammond (.pdf)) by Rosalind Hammond.