PGCert Clinical Supervision of Psychological Therapies Practice

Within mental health and social care settings it is becoming increasingly recognised that clinical supervision plays a fundamental role in improving clinical outcomes, supporting practitioners and ensuring safe and efficient practice. In this Programme you will develop an advanced and critical knowledge of the theory surrounding clinical supervision and mastery of the competencies associated with clinical skills and/or case management supervision. Considerable opportunity for supervision and reflection on your supervisory practice will be afforded to enhance learning and ongoing action planning.  The programme is delivered over a single year. 

This programme aims to update you with the latest research and practice in the clinical supervision of evidence-based psychological therapies. In this programme we aim to detail the knowledge and practice of clinical supervision of evidence-based psychological therapy practice. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and competencies required to supervise practitioners in effective practice. We also aim to provide a supportive learning environment that fosters your academic and personal development.