MSc Clinical Associate Psychology (MCAP)

This Masters programme is intended for graduates in Psychology, who are interested in developing careers as applied psychologica practitioners in a range of healthcare settings working with adults, children and young people. The proposed Masters builds upon the exisiting British Psychological Society Accredited Postgraduate Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology and expands our training portfolio in a way that fits with the strategy of enhancing PGT provision that brings in additional funds and supports the strong collaborative provision between the university and local NHS partners.

This Masters programmes is currently based only in Cornwall for local NHS services. Teaching takes place at the Knowledge Spa in Truro two days a week, with trainees working in their service three days a week. We are hoping to also offer an Exeter-based programme in the near future.

A second cohort of school based CAPs are due to start in May 2019. 


Please see below more information about the Programme:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Clinical Associate Psychologists (CAPs)