Supervised Pathway Training in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)/Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Entry requirements

Who is it for?

The Supervised Pathway is for those who;

  • Already have mindfulness training and experience but have components of a training pathway missing and have had no formal assessment of competency
  • Wish to embark on a flexible, individualised training that could be spread over a longer time period, to spread costs and fit with the practicalities of each person’s life; this may include training from different centres as appropriate  (Bangor University, University of Oxford and Centre for Mindfulness at Massachusetts University)
  • Want to learn to teach the MBCT/MBSR courses with competency and integrity but require less theoretical and research components (compared to Post Graduate Training)

Entry requirements:

  • A professional qualification in mental health, physical care, education or social care or equivalent life experience
  • Personal requisite relational skills e.g. warmth, empathy
  • Knowledge and experience of the populations that the MBCT/MBSR course will be delivered to
  • Knowledge of psychological processes
  • Experience of working with groups
  • Foundations in practice;
    • to have participated in an MBCT/MBSR course – through attending an 8 week course (or an intensive residential block e.g. over 4-5 days)
    • to have a personal mindfulness practice of at least 6 months duration
    • to be integrating the formal and informal practices taught in MBCT/MBSR into daily life for at least 6 months