Welcome to the PG Dip High Intensity Psychological Therapy

Welcome to the University of Exeter’s PG Dip in High Intensity Psychological Therapy. We are really excited to be able to bring you this training programme which is the culmination of several years development. The training spearheads the exciting new Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service delivery model within which the High Intensity worker role is of fundamental importance.

The PG Dip is designed to increase participant’s knowledge and understanding of clinical theory and evidence-based practice of High Intensity Psychological Therapy for anxiety and depression. The programme is heavily rooted within the development of clinical skills associated with a patient-centred approach and on the skills required to support a range of evidence based High-intensity psychological therapies.  The continued development of these skills is embedded within a strong focus on practice based supervision, which is a fundamental component of the training. As such your training should not just be seen as being the time you spend being taught within the University, but full time, based also around your clinical work undertaken within your work setting supplemented by your practice based supervision.

Successful completion of clinical and written assignments and appropriate participation in tutorials and workshops will lead to the awarding of a PG Diploma. We hope that graduates will be able to act as ‘product champions’ for CBT practice and to be available as teachers and consultants, in the various settings in which they work.

A major contributing resource to the programme is the knowledge and experiences that programme members bring with them. We intend to draw upon and honour this knowledge and experience in order to develop clinical skills and increase awareness and theoretical understanding. It is important, however, that understanding and use of theory is integrated with clinical application in a rigorous and constructively critical manner.

We hope you enjoy the training and look forward to meeting you over the coming months.