University Buddy System: who are they and what do they do

Your buddy is a previous trainee (so someone who has been through their IAPT training at Exeter University and might know something about what you are experiencing at what stages of the training); they will be familiar with the various aspects of the trainee role and be familiar with the roles of the workplace and university staff. They are a point of contact and may be able to offer some guidance/advice or signpost you to the appropriate person who might help you. They are someone who can comprehend the high and low points of being a trainee. A buddy may be someone who you contact once or twice a term, or not at all. They are not a substitute or alternative to support arrangements that are in place, but can be a good sounding board. The university 1:1 tutor is the main point of contact for difficulties with training and tutors are there to help and support, please do not hesitate to contact your tutor where this would be helpful.