We expect your attendance to be 100% because absences can affect the quality of the learning experiences of the course. As such we do not expect you to take holidays when teaching has been scheduled.  Should exceptional circumstances for leave arise, then any requests for absence must be made in writing to the programme leads and agreed prior to leave being taken.

For HI IAPT training less than 100% attendance can result in failure to meet BABCP requirements for individual accreditation.

If a programme member is ill for a prolonged period of time or other unforeseen circumstances intervene to prevent attendance then the staff team will attempt to negotiate an alternative package of teaching attendance so that the programme member can still meet the requirements.  Each programme member is required to keep a log of their attendance at teaching sessions and completion of feedback on these sessions. They need to bring this to their termly individual tutorial where it will be reviewed by their individual tutor.

A register to record the attendance of each programme member will be taken at the beginning of each teaching session which will reviewed by the programme leads. This register can be located at the reception area of the Washington Singer building or the room the teaching is taking place if outside of this building, or will be recorded online when sessions are delivered remotely.

This register will also cover any university directed study days/sessions. If you miss any of the teaching days (both within and outside of the university) it is your responsibility to inform both your employer and the relevant university staff members. If you are off work on sickness absence please let your 1:1 tutor or a programme lead know this. You should NOT attend university sessions if you are off work on sickness absence unless you, your service and the university all agree this is appropriate and there is a clear rationale for this. if any of our sessions conflict with your religious events, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you.

Missed Sessions 

If trainees miss any teaching sessions (including Clinical Skills Tutorials) they should take the following actions:

  • Inform the programme leads (Karen Tate and Debbie Williams) and programme administrator as well as your employer
  • Read the teaching materials on ELE for the missed session(s)
  • Speak to peers about any practical/experiential exercises and ideally complete these in own time
  • Complete a 200-500 word reflection on learning points for each missed session, which will need to be included in the clinical portfolio in the 'Teaching Log' section
  • Please also send the reflection/s to your 1:1 Tutor within 4 weeks of the missed teaching. This will be reviewed and discussed in your next 1:1 tutorial
  • For cohort 15 trainees onwards, please evidence that you have taken all necessary steps using the 'HI IAPT Missed University Sessions Catch-Up Form' which is on the forms page of the handbook


We expect your timekeeping on the programme to be rigorous.  Timekeeping will be monitored and your employer will be informed of any recurrent lapses, either at the start or end of the day or returning from breaks. We maintain vigilance around this aspect out of consideration for the member of staff delivering the teaching session and for fellow programme members.