Assessment of Clinical Practice

Clinical Portfolio

At the end of the course each programme member is required to submit a clinical portfolio. This clinical portfolio forms one of the required assessments for module PYCM027. It also meets the CYP IAPT curriculum requirements.


Supervision Reports

At the end of terms 1 and 2, both supervisors will complete formative supervisor’s reports. You will need to submit these (see assessment summary for dates) and keep a copy for your records.

At the end of term 3, both supervisors (service and University) will complete a final, summative supervisor’s report. You will need to submit these and keep a copy to be added to your clinical portfolio. These must be rated as satisfactory.

Please refer to the PT Supervision Reports page.


Child and Adolescent Practice Scale (CAPS)

Three CAPS reports will be completed, one in each term. The first one will be formative, followed by two summative reports. Your workplace supervisor will complete a CAPS form to assess your core therapeutic competences.


In order to pass the summative CAPS assessments you are required to achieve a minimum of ‘2’ on each of the individual CAPS items and a minimum of 50% overall


Parenting Group Practice Competency Tapes

You will need to submit three therapy tapes over the year. An appropriate consent form and front sheet should be included.


KSA Trainees

For those trainees who do not have a core profession, they will need to include their completed KSA portfolio alongside the clinical portfolio at the end of the year (see University KSA Tutor for details of KSA). In preparation for this, please advise your 1:1 tutor each term on how you are progressing with completing your KSA portfolio. Normally your 1:1 tutor will be a trained KSA assessor –where this is not the case you will have a separate meeting with the KSA tutor to assist you in completing your KSA portfolio.