‌‌‌‌‌‌‌PT Resources and Documents


PT Assessment Forms

Files to download:

Generic Front Sheet (for all submissions of work)

CYP-IAPT Consent Form (Parents)

Consent Form - YP

Case Presentation Mark Sheet

PT Case Report Guidelines A and B

PT Case Report Mark Sheet A and B

PT Case Report Guidelines C

PT Case Report Mark Sheet C

PT Cover Sheet for Competency Tape

IY Competency Tape A Marking Grid

HNC Treatment Marking Grid

IY Competency Tape C Marking Grid

Guidance on Writing Reflective Practice Log (PT)

Criteria for Assessing Reflective Log‌ PT

Reflective Log Mark Sheet PT

KSA Portfolio Form

 PT Supervision Forms

Files to download:

PT Child and Adolescent Practice Scale (CAPS)

CAPS Precise Scoring Sheet

PRECISE Process document

Parenting Supervision Contract (2020/1)


Record of Supervision Form

PT Ongoing Summary of Supervision Hours Form

Term 1 University Supervisor Report (Formative - PT & 0-5s)

Term 1 Workplace Supervisor Report Formative (PT & 0-5s)

Term 2 University Supervisor Report Formative (PT & 0-5s)

Term 2 Workplace Supervisor Report Formative (PT & 0-5s)

Term 3 University Supervisors Report Summative Form B (PT & 0-5s)

Term 3 Workplace Supervisor Report Summative Form C (PT & 0-5s)

PT Clinical Portfolio Forms

Files to download:

Clinical Portfolio Front Sheet

Form A - Summary of Supervision Hours

Form B - University Supervisor's Report (Summative)

Form C - Workplace Supervisor's Report (Summative)

‌‌Form D - Clinical Log of Supervised Practice

Form E - Individual Parents Summary Sheet

Form F - Incredible Years Parent Group Peer & Self-Evaluation Form

Form G - Collaborative Process and Fidelity Checklist

Form H - Reflective Practice Log

Form I - PT Log of Face-to-Face Teaching

Form J - IY Group Register

Form K - Parent Information and Goals Record Sheet

Form L - Weekly IY Group Feedback Document

Clinical Portfolio Marking Sheet (Parenting)

KSA Portfolio Form

Other Useful Documents:

CAMHs Competency Framework (.pdf)

CYP IAPT Practitioners Assessment Procedures

Online Submission Student Handbook

Online Submission Student Summary Sheet

CEDAR Mitigation Request Form

CEDAR Supplementary Evidence for Clinical Assessments Mitigation Form