The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) is the current accreditation body for cognitive behavioural therapists. The BABCP have launched their Evidence Based Parent Training Practitioner (EBPT) accreditation which trainees will be able to apply for upon completion of the course.

BABCP Minimum Training Standards

EBPT practitioners have core clinical skills and theoretical knowledge with a specialism in parenting training interventions for behavioural difficulties including conduct disorder for three to ten year olds. They work with both children and their parents using NICE recommended evidence based individual and group approaches.


Evidence based parent training interventions are based on cognitive social learning theory and also draw on attachment theory, the parent-child relationship and parenting styles. Training in assessing and understanding behavioural difficulties in children, involving parents/carers in interventions, evidence-based parent group techniques and evidence-based individual parent training methods is supported by the CYP IAPT (Children and Young Peoples Improving Access to Psychological Therapy) programme. 


The BABCP has Evidence-Based Parent Training Practitioner Minimum Training Standards (EBPT-MTS) detailing the minimum level of training, experience and practice that parent training practitioners are required to achieve in order to practice at an agreed standard of competency. These standards are used to assess applicants for Evidence-Based Parent Training Practitioner and Evidence-Based Parent Training Course Accreditation by BABCP and are used as standards for registration on the BABCP’s EBPT Register UK.

Successful completion of all components of the course will allow trainees to apply for Evidence Based Parenting Training Practitioner (EBPT) status with the BABCP.

The full guidelines are available to download and trainees should familiarise themselves with the minimum standards to ensure they are taking steps throughout their training to meet them. Key points are highlighted below;

  • All trainees must become members of the BABCP at the start of their training. There are student membership options available
  • Evidence-Based Parent Training Practitioners should have conducted a minimum of 100 hours of supervised assessment and face-to-face therapy during training. This must include delivering group work and individual therapy with parents and children.
  • All EBPT Practitioners will have received a minimum of 70 hours of face to face individual and/or group supervision during the period of training for both assessment and therapy, carried out by an approved Parent Training clinical supervisor.
  • A minimum of six individual clients; and two completed groups (with a minimum of six families)* will have been assessed and treated under supervision using evidence based Parent Training approaches by the trainee during the period of training before a practitioner is regarded as having completed their training. These cases will cover externalising disorders and a minimum of three cases will have been closely supervised.

* This will be flexible if online delivery is needed

Download: EBPT Minimum Training Standards