There are three types of tutorials in the programme:


Group Academic Tutorials


  • Opportunity to critically engage with relevant literature
  • Opportunity to reflect on topics
  • Opportunity to ask questions, give and receive feedback
  • Opportunity to address any queries around assessments

Group Skills Based Tutorials


  • To consolidate learning from workshops
  • To provide opportunity for further skills practice
  • Opportunity to reflect on clinical application of knowledge
  • Opportunity to ask questions, give and receive feedback  

Individual Tutorials

1 x half hour tutorial per term


1:1 Termly Tutorial Review



  • Opportunity to review and reflect on your development and the course
  • Opportunity to give and receive feedback on assessed work.
  • Opportunity to give and receive feedback on the course.
  • To review your clinical portfolio.
  • A safe environment for addressing personal development.


NB: If trainees have any concerns or issues that may be impacting on their ability to participate fully in the training or causing them any distress or concern; trainees are strongly encouraged to notify either their tutor or any member of the course team as soon as possible, rather than wait for their 1:1 tutorial.



Trainees are required to bring up-to-date forms each term for their individual tutorials, including (where appropriate):

  • Clinical Log
  • Supervision Log
  • Teaching Log
  • Supervisors Reports
  • Summary Sheets

Download: Portfolio Review