0-5 Supervision Reports

Formative Reports - Terms 1 and 2

At the end of term 1 and 2, trainees need to submit a "Formative Workplace and University Supervisor Report". These reports are reviewed with your university tutor. Where a trainee does not pass their supervisor's report this will be addressed with the trainee and their tutor and supervisor.  


Summative Reports - Terms 2 and 3

At the end of term 2 and 3, your workplace supervisor will complete a summative CAPS form to assess your core therapeutic competences. In order to pass the summative CAPS assessments, you are required to achieve a minimum of ‘2’ on each of the individual CAPS items and a minimum of 50% overall.


At the end of term 3, a summative Workplace and University Report will be submitted. You will need to submit these and keep a copy to be added to your clinical portfolio. These must be rated as satisfactory.


To assist with assessment of your ability to use supervision in a workplace context, and your competence, strengths and areas for improvement, the adapted Dreyfus scale (1989), as used with the CTS-R (2001), will be used as a guide to facilitate feedback on competency.


Incompetent ‑ The therapist commits errors and displays poor and unacceptable behaviour, leading to negative therapeutic consequences.


Novice ‑ At this level the therapist displays a rigid adherence to taught rules and is unable to take account of situational factors. He/she is not yet showing any discretionary judgement.


Advanced Beginner ‑ The therapist treats all aspects of the task separately and gives equal importance to them. There is evidence of situational perspective and discretionary judgement.


Competent ‑ The therapist is able to see the tasks linked within a conceptual framework. He/she makes plans within this framework and uses standardised and routinised procedures.


Proficient ‑ The therapist sees the patient's problems holistically, prioritises tasks and is able to make quick decisions. The therapist is clearly skilled and able.


Expert ‑ The therapist no longer uses rules, guidelines or maxims. He/she has deep tacit understanding of the issues and is able to use novel problem‑solving techniques. The skills are demonstrated even in the face of difficulties (e.g. excessive avoidance).


Competence level





Absence of feature, or highly inappropriate performance




Inappropriate performance, with major problems evident

Advanced Beginner


Evidence of competence, but numerous problems and lacking consistency



Competent, but some problems and/or inconsistencies



Good features, but minor problems and/or inconsistencies



very good features, minimal problems and/or inconsistencies



Excellent performance, or very good even in the face of patient difficulties


Files to download:

Term 1 University Supervisor Report (Formative - PT & 0-5s)

Term 1 Workplace Supervisor Report Formative (PT & 0-5s)

Term 2 University Supervisor Report Formative (PT & 0-5s)

Term 2 Workplace Supervisor Report Formative (PT & 0-5s)

Term 3 University Supervisors Report Summative Form B (PT & 0-5s)

Term 3 Workplace Supervisor Report Summative Form C (PT & 0-5s)