‌Mitigation Requests

Application for mitigation of assessment should be made prior to the assessment deadline in question, or within 24 hours of the deadline. Please see further guidance in the Generic IAPT Handbook.


Minor ailments, including coughs and colds, and short-term difficulties including those involving transport, computer problems (always make a backup of your work); personal or family celebrations, etc. will not be acceptable as grounds for appeal.


Acceptable grounds for an extension will include serious illness, serious personal problems, and deaths of close family or friends.  Appeals should be supported by the relevant documentation, including medical notes, where possible and appropriate.

As a general rule the committee will not accept appeals where the problems could have been resolved and late submission avoided if the programme member had planned ahead by a few days.


Students may apply for mitigation for more than one module where the same circumstances have affected more than one assessment. However, students must use the correct mitigation process and be explicit in detailing: the circumstances that have affected them, how these circumstances have affected their performance and evidence to support their application (doctor's note etc.), together with written corroboration/support from their workplace supervisor.


Students wishing to apply for mitigation for the CYP-IAPT Practitioners course should complete the CEDAR Mitigation Form and email it along with any supporting evidence to CEDAR-mitigations@exeter.ac.uk.


For requests that are made due to clinical circumstances (e.g. access to clients) please ask your workplace supervisor/manager/service lead to complete the CEDAR Supplementary Mitigation Form for Clinical Assessments which can act as your supporting evidence. You will be able to attach this completed form to your request.


Please note that mitigation forms must be completed before the deadline or within 24 hours of the deadline passing. Supporting evidence must be uploaded within 10 working days of the assignment deadline at the latest, or the request will not be considered.

Submit this to: CEDAR-mitigations@exeter.ac.uk


CEDAR Mitigation Request Form

CEDAR Supplementary Evidence for Clinical Assessments Mitigation Form