Case Reports


Trainees submit three case reports over the year on three different clinical cases/groups. 


Two Case Reports A and B (3,000 words)

This will be with two individual families using the VIG intervention (Case Report A & Case Report B).



The purpose of these case reports is to demonstrate your grasp of the application of theory to clinical practice.


One Extended Case Report C (5000 words)

This will be of one or two families that have completed the IY group.  VIG case.



The overall aims of the extended case report are for you to demonstrate your grasp of the application of theory to clinical practice by demonstrating an understanding of evidence-based practice and providing a critical discussion of the relevant research evidence to this case/group.


You will be required to reflect on one key theme or issue that was apparent or relevant to this case and discuss these with reference to relevant research/literature. You may wish to include a transcript of sessions from this client/group to illustrate your points and provide material for reflection.


The area chosen may relate to any area of parenting and clinical work. Examples might include different parenting models, process issues, issues relating to the therapeutic alliance, contextual or systemic factors, including mental health difficulties or domestic abuse, cultural or difference issues.


N.B.  A good case does not necessarily mean one with a good outcome. We require you to demonstrate not just your application of Parenting theory to clinical practice but also your reflections and learning related to this piece of clinical work and your understanding of evidence-base practice.


 N.B. In all case reports, material presented must reflect accurately the assessment and interventions carried out with the relevant client.

Files to download: