CEDAR is now the sole commissioned provider of IAPT training in the South West

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

About IAPT

Studies prior to 2008 found that only 24% of people with depression or anxiety were in receipt of treatment.  Of those, only 5% were in receipt of a talking therapy with only 2% being in receipt of an evidence-based psychological therapy like cognitive behaviour therapy.  Traditional ways of treating mental health patients through specialist services also meant that patients experienced long waiting times to access psychological therapies and the number of patients receiving treatment was low.

A new approach

In 2008, the NHS began the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme, dedicated to spending over £700 million on psychological therapies between 2008 and 2014.  At the heart of the programme was the implementation of a new evidence-based approach to treatment alongside training a new workforce to deliver these treatments.

Successes so far

In the first three years, IAPT has seen 900,000 more people treated for depression and anxiety, 450,000 patients in recovery, with another 200,000 moving towards recovery, 25,000 fewer people with mental health problems on benefits, and the average waiting time reduced from 18 months to a few weeks.

Where we come in

The research conducted by the Mood Disorders Centre has influenced the provision, nature and content of therapy training. Associate Professor Paul Farrand, in collaboration with other key professionals in the field, created the PWP textbooks and manuals for IAPT training.

Following on from this initial research, CEDAR has lead roles in the design, delivery and quality assurance of the training for the IAPT national programme.  In 2008, we were awarded a contract from the South West Strategic Health Authority to begin training the new IAPT workforce.  Since then, under the direction of Professor Eugene Mullan, Director of Clinical Training, and Associate Professor Paul Farrand, Director of PWP Training, we have trained over 300 practitioners across both High Intensity and Low Intensity cognitive behavioural interventions.  In recognition of our psychological treatment expertise, CEDAR is now the sole commissioned provider of IAPT training in the South West.

Our IAPT training portfolio

We offer a broad portfolio of IAPT training programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.  Follow the links below for more information about a specific programme.

IAPT workbooks and resources

We have developed a variety of IAPT training workbooks and other resources, many of which are free to download.

Recruitment workshop videos: