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Leaving the University

Details about leaving the University after completing the Programme can be found on our Leaving the University webpage.

Trainees typically retain their email address for 12 months after their award has been conferred. The Student Information Desk (SID) will contact you ahead of your account being disabled. It is not possible to retain your account after this time as the university does not have the capacity to do so.

The University provides free remote access for alumni to thousands of online journals

We are excited to offer Exeter alumni full text access to thousands of academic journals to assist with your lifelong learning after leaving Exeter.

For those of you with a specific interest in top titles for business and related journals, the Business Source Alumni (from EBSCO) service would be best suited for you. If your interests lie outside of the business world then JSTOR offer a much broader range of journals, covering a wealth of subjects. We can now also provide limited access to SAGE and SAGE Research Methods. To access our online journal benefit please complete our online form. We will then send you through log in details for the journals.