Working Systemically with Families Facing Illness, Disability and Death

Date: 14th June 2019; 9:30am - 4:15pm

Venue: Washington Singer Building, TBC

With Jenny Altschuler


This workshop draws on systemic theory, developments in conceptualizing loss, trauma and resilience, and clinical experience in outlining a clinical approach to the challenges illness, disability (including acquired brain injury) and death pose to individuals, families and the professionals entrusted with their care. Key elements include bearing witness to the stess, loss and trauma associated with the condition; working towards enhancing agency, improving communication; and transcending the splits and ambiguities that arise. Particular attention is paid to the intersection with other aspects of experience, such as prior trauma and loss (including migration), relational tensions, and prejudice, and health care professionals' personal resonance with these challenges.


Jenny Altschuler is a Systemic Psychotherapist and clinical psychologisy who hs written widely on ilnees and migration, including Altschuler, J (2016) Migration, Illness and Healthcare Basingstoke, Plagrave MacMillan. Having previously worked a the Tavistock clinic, she is now working independently as a family psychotherapist and supervisor. She is also the Clinical Director of the One to One Children's Fund, on whose behalf she helped set up projects aimed at addressing the impact of HIV/AIDs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the legacy of trauma in Kosovo, the Middle East and with refugees in Northern Greece.


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