Systemic Approaches to Sexuality

Date: 23rd May 2019

Venue: Washington Singer Building, TBC

With Desa Markovic

Sexual issues have been marginalised and misunderstood as a topic in psychotherapy training, literature, research and clinical practice. Treating sex as something secretive or even taboo can increase clients' anxieties, reinforcing their sexual difficulties. This workshop is aimed at bridging the gap by encouraging psychotherapists who are not necessarily trained in sexology to use their existing skills and knowledge in addressing sexual issues more directly and with more confidence; providing input from psychosexual therapy and sexology to inform therapeutic practice. The presenter will share her knowledge and expertise in both systemic and psychosexual therapy and discuss clinical examples.

Desa Markovic is a Professor in Systemic Psychotherapy and current Head of Psychotherapy Programmes at Regent's University London. She has presented at numerous national and international conferences and published a number of writings on the topic of integration between sexology and psychotherapy, including a recent book 'Working with sexual issues in psychotherapy; a practical guide using social constructionist framework', published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017.

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