‌Relational Mindfulness: Cultivating a Core Competency in Mindfulness-based Teaching with Rosalie Dores

Dates: Monday 18th May 2020

Venue: Washington Singer, Room TBC, University of Exeter


Mindfulness-based approaches are fundamentally relational. The core curriculum of each session: guided meditation practices, didactic elements, poetry, and the enquiry process are all framed within dialogic encounters between the teacher/group and teacher/individual participants. McCowan et al (2010) describe this learning environment as co-creational and Santorelli (1999) as a 'crucible for mutual transformation'.

The importance of relationality as a key component of the mindfulness learning environment is recognised within the MBI-TAC, Crane et al (2011) with a domain dedicated to the assessment of a mindfulness teacher's relational competencies. Despite this, however, there are few opportunities for potential mindfulness teachers to specifically develop relational skills.

In this one-day workshop, based on the meditative practice of Insight Dialogue (ID) participants will have an opportunity to focus on relationality in and of itself. This is an invaluable opportunity for teachers to enhance, and refine, their interpersonal skills through learning six ID relational meditation guidelines. These guidelines have been specifically developed by Insight meditation teacher Gregory Kramer, to suppoer people in cultivating their capacity for mindful presence in relationship. Meditating together in dyads and small groups, participants will undertake formal, guided relational practices with content focused on an explortation of 'The Person of The Mindfulness Teacher' [McCowan et al (2010)]. In this way, participants will both enquire deeply into their personal journey of becoming a mindfulness teacher: their intentions, motivations and aspirations, while strengthening their ability to attune to one another; recognise their capacity for empathy; deepen their listening skills; and cultivate moment-to-moment awareness while in relationship.


About Rosalie Dores:

Rosalie Dores M.A is a mindfulness teacher, supervisor and trainer. She is an associate teacher at Bangor University and regularly offers teacher training in Europe. She has been an Insigh Dialogue teacher in training with Gregory Kramer, since 2006 and regularly teaches inerpersonal Mindfulness courses and workshops in London and throughout the UK. She has had a meditative practice since 1992.


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