Attachment Based Family Therapy for Adolescent Depression

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This training is approved by the Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice

Attachment Based Family Therapy for Adolescent Depression


London Training

Provided by the ABFT Training Program in the Centre for Family Intervention Science at Drexel University.



Dr Guy Diamond is is Co-Author of Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Depressed Adolescents and Director of Family intervention Science at Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions.



Training Information



The University of Exeter is pleased to announce a one day workshop to aide those who have completed the initial ABFT training in progressing their ABFT practice. ABFT for adolescent depression is the only manualised, empirically supported family therapy model designed to target family and individual processes associated with adolescent suicide and depression. ABFT emerges from interpersonal theories that suggest adolescent depression can be precipitated, exacerbated but also protected against by the quality of family relationships. It is a trust-based, emotion focused psychotherapy model that aims to repair interpersonal ruptures and rebuild emotionally protective, secure-based parent-child relationships. Because of its evidence base, ABFT is one of the models taught within the CYP-IAPT Systemic Family Practice curriculum.

Treatment is characterised by:

Reframing the therapy to focus on interpersonal development                                                                               

Building alliances with adolescent and parents
Facilitating conversations to resolve attachment ruptures
Promoting adolescent autonomy and competency

The day will include consultation on cases with Dr Diamon and guidance on how to supervise from an ABFT perspective.


Who is the training for?

The workshop is particularly appropriate for those who wish to take their ABFT practice further but are unable to persue direct supervision from the ABFT team. It is also highly relevant for those teaching and supervising ABFT from within CYP-IAPT services.


Date and venue

4th May 2018

Training is to be held at the The Royal Foundation of St Katherine, 2 Butcher Row, London, E14 8DS


The cost of  the day training course is outlined below:

Fee for one day workshop: £130 (lunch not included)

Closing date for applications: 23rd April 2018              

To book onto the course please go to the online store. For anymore information please email