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Our staff

CEDAR is overseen by an overall Director who has overarching responsibility to assure, govern and lead the strategic priorities of CEDAR and CEDAR CREATE.

This role is underpinned by the CEDAR Executive (Directors of Education, Research and CREATE, Ops Manager, Project Manager) and the Senior Management Group, including our Directors of Portfolios. 


Headshot of Catherine Gallop Professor Catherine Gallop Director of CEDAR and Director of Clinical Training (PGT)

Executive Directors

Headshot of Hannah Sherbersky Professor Hannah Sherbersky Deputy Director of CEDAR and Co-director of Systemic Portfolio
Headshot of Anna Adlam Professor Anna Adlam Director of Research and Evaluation
Headshot of Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker Director of CEDAR CREATE and Co-director of CYP Portfolio

Portfolio Directors

Headshot of Alex Boyd Dr Alex Boyd Co-director of CYP and Perinatal Portfolio
Headshot of Paul Farrand Professor Paul Farrand Director of Low-Intensity CBT Portfolio
Headshot of Nicole Jamani Dr Nicole Jamani

Director of Adult HI IAPT/CBT and SMHP Portfolios
Headshot of Mark Rivett Mark Rivett Co-director of Systemic Portfolio

Professional Services and Operations

CEDAR has a large team of dedicated professional service colleagues which support our NHS-facing programmes. 

Headshot of Charlie Dibble Charlie Dibble Operations Manager
  Sarah Dobson CEDAR Project Manager 
  Jessica Hancock PGT Support Officer
  Lucy Porter PGT Support Officer

Our priorities are achieved through the dedication of our unique and professionally qualified clinical/academic workforce representing wider Allied Health and Psychological Professions, who offer specialisms in applied psychological practice, therapies and applied clinical research. 

Siobhan Adams Lecturer and Clinical Skills Tutor
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Dona-Marie Anderson Associate Lecturer
Tim Anson Lecturer Supervisor
Helen Aspland Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead
Suzanne Azer Senior Lecturer and Senior Academic Tutor
Alan Bee Supervisor
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Elizabeth Benson Lecturer and Tutor
Dr Dora Bernardes Academic lead
(CAPS: Clinical Associate in Psychology)
Shelley Bevins Lecturer and Tutor
Kate Bird Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead (FIP)
Steve Blackburn CBT Supervisor
Marta Bolognani Lecturer
Steve Branagan Supervisor (CYP IAPT CBT)
Craig Brennan-Osment Tutor/Supervisor (CYP IAPT)
Julie Brough Tutor/Supervisor (Systemic and CYP IAPT)
Johanna Bullen

Lecturer and Research Tutor (Systemic)
Larisa Butenko-Priestley

Associate Lecturer and Tutor (CAPs)
Julia Butler

Associate Lecturer
Neil Carrigan Lecturer
Kate Chapman Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead (CBTp)
Bianca Clarke Lecturer and Tutor
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Senga Clarke-Cote Lecturer (PWP IAPT)
Susanna Cole Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead (CAPs)
Joel Conrad Lecturer and Supervisor (CBTp)
Angela Cooke Lecturer
Kathy Cooper Supervisor and Tutor 
(CBTp Psychosis)
Michele Corley  Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead (CYP IAPT, ASD/LD)
Marta Costa Caballero Lecturer and Research Tutor (Systemic)
Jennifer Cove Lecturer (Systemic)
Gavin Crisp Supervisor (CYP IAPT CBT)
Bethany Cuffe-Fuller Associate Lecturer and Project Coordinator (CYP)
Zubeida Dasgupta-Clark Lecturer
Nerys Davies Lecturer (Clinical Skills) and Supervisor (High-Intensity IAPT)  
Janice De Souza Lecturer and Supervisor (High-Intensity IAPT)
Claire Dickens Lecturer and Supervisor
Sarah Dobson Project Manager
Hayley Ellis Senior Lecturer
Shane Fitzgerald Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead 
(High-Intensity IAPT/PSW)
Joanna Friend Lecturer
Katherine Gardner Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead 
Siobhan Gilliam Lecturer
(PWP, IAPT and Degree Apprenticeships)
Mary Granger Supervisor and Tutor 
(CYP IAPT, VIG Parenting and 0-5s)
Urte Gustainyte Associate Lecturer
Tom Hales Lecturer
Kate Hannay Supervisor
(High-intensity IAPT)
Sabrina Hague Supervisor & Tutor (CYP IAPT CBT)
James Hicks Lecturer and Supervisor
(High-intensity IAPT)
Dr Ann Hockaday Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead
(CYP IAPT Parenting & 0-5s)
Michael Hodgkinson

Senior Lecturer and Director of Portfolio (CAPs)
Sarah Holland 

Lecturer (EMHP)
Thomas Holway Lecturer and Supervisor 
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Claire Howarth Senior Lecturer
Susan Howson Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead
(CYP IAPT, Parenting and 0-5s)
Kristina Ivanova Associate Lecturer
(EMHP Supervisors)
David Jago Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Sabinah Janally Lecturer and EDI Tutor
Paul Jetten Lecturer (EMHP)
David Johnson Lecturer
Phillipa Jones Lecturer and Supervisor (High-Intensity IAPT)
Rosie Jones Associate Lecturer
Hayley Keeble Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead 
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Dr Robert Kidney Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead (CWP)
Mark Kime Lecturer (EMHP)
Renata Konigsman Supervisor
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Monica Lee

Associate Lecturer and Project Coordinator (CYP)
Karen Legge Lecturer and Supervisor 
(CYP IAPT 0-5s and Parenting
Jessica Lenney Associate Lecturer
Sophie Levitt VIG Supervisor (CYP IAPT ASD/LD)
Katherine Lockwood Lecturer (PWP IAPT)
Ashley Low Lecturer and Supervisor
Vicky Lucas Supervisor & Tutor (CYP IAPT ASD/LD)
Gillian Mackie Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead (CAPs)
Steven Marrett Supervisor (CBTp)
Sarah Masters Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead (SMHP)
Abigail McCormack Senior Lecturer
Sarah McGahey Lecturer
Hannah Montague Associate Lecturer
Rosina Moore Lecturer and Supervisor
Dr David Mussell Lecturer (KSA Tutor and CBT Supervisor)
Michaela Newton Associate Lecturer
Katie Newns Senior Lecturer Academic Lead (CYP IAPT ASD/LD)
Elaine Norton Lecturer (PWP IAPT)
Priya Palmer Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead (MHSW)
Jonathan Parker Senior Lecturer and Project Lead (MHSW)
Rosie Powling Lecturer and Supervisor
Jane Prothero Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead
(CYP IAPT Inpatient Training)
Lucy Ralphs  Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead
Dominic Rapley Lecturer and Supervisor
Laura Raymen  Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead (CWP)
Marie Richards Lecturer (EMHP)
Helen Riley Lecturer
Kirsty Roberts Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead
(CWP Supervisors)
Libby Rogers Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead
(CYP IAPT Supervisors)
Jerry Rundle Lecturer and Supervisor
Kathleen Russell Associate Lecturer
Emma Sales Lecturer
Kate Sandel Lecturer (Participation Training and Development - CYP IAPT)
Mike Sandercock Lecturer
Katie Sellwood Lecturer and Supervisor
Bethany Sharpe Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead
(CBTp and SHMP)
Jayne Shipley Lecturer (SMHP)
Alice Simon Lecturer and Supervisor
Faye Small Senior Lecturer
Chelsie Smith Lecturer (EHMP) and Wellbeing Practitioner (CWP)
Janet Smithson Senior Lecturer
Konstantina Sokolaki Supervisor
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Eleanor Spare Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead
Samuel Stephenson Associate Lecturer and Tutor (CAPs)
Kathryn Stewart Lecturer
Vicky Sully Lecturer and Supervisor
Karen Tate Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead
(High-Intensity IAPT)
James Thomas Lecturer and Supervisor
(High-Intensity IAPT)
Timothy Tod Senior Lecturer and Participation Lead
Rachel Tooley Lecturer and Supervisor
(SMHP and High-Intensity IAPT)
Dr Wendy Turton Academic Lead (CBT Psychosis)
Karen Venter Associate Lecturer
Lorna Vincent Lecturer and Supervisor
Anthony Wainwright Senior Lecturer
Sarah Waller Lecturer and Supervisor
Jennifer Wallis Senior Lecturer (Systemic)
Alessa Werson Associate Lecturer
(PWP IAPT /Degree Apprenticeships)
Megan Whitworth Associate Lecturer
Debbie Williams Senior Lecturer and Programme & Clinical Lead (IAPT)
Robert Williams Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead (FIP)  
Edward Woods Associate Lecturer
Carl Bescoby Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Hollie Gay Research Associate - MHSW
Melika Janbakhsh Graduate Research Assistant
Karla Mason  Graduate Research Assistant
Nick Smith Graduate Research Assistant
Samantha Strickland Graduate Research Assistant
Elizabeth Turnbull Graduate Research Assistant
General enquiries: 01392 722459
Jessica Hancock, PGT Support Officer 01392 723789
Lucy Porter, PGT Support Officer 01392 724779
MSci Applied Team 01392 723122

Low-Intensity IAPT Team 01392 723122

High-Intensity IAPT Team 01392 722504
Education Mental Health Practitioner Team 01392 726139
CWP (Practitioners & Supervisors) & EMHP Supervisors 01392 726139
Children and Young People's IAPT Team 01392 723705
Family Interventions for Psychosis Team 01392 724644
CBT for Psychosis Programmes (including Severe Mental Health Problems) 01392 722780
LTC-IAPT (Long-Term Conditions) Team 01392 722504 or 01392 722459
Systemic Studies Team 01392 724644
Peer Support Worker Training Team 01392 722459
Perinatal Clinical Psychology Training Team 01392 724644
Mindfulness Postgrad Programme Team 01392 722780 
Psychological Professions Network South West: Sarah Spaull