MSc Psychological Therapies Practice and Research (Systemic Therapy)

Entry requirements

This programme will cover core and advanced theories and skills, and will not be taught at a basic or introductory level.  It is intended for trainees who have such basic knowledge and skills who wish to become more specialised or advanced practitioners and or researchers.  Successful applicants to the course will need to have met the following criteria:

  1. Preliminary training in Systemic practice.  Normally this would mean at least a year’s preliminary formal systemic psychotherapy training (successful completion of a foundation course or equivalent).
  2. Clinical experience using a systemic approach.  Normally this would mean an intermediate level course that includes a minimum of 60 hours of supervised practice.  Applications will be considered from those who have not completed a formal intermediate level training but who can provide evidence of appropriate clinical and educational experience.
  3. A first degree, or a previous qualification at an equivalent level.  This is required by the University of Exeter for enrolment in a postgraduate programme and is important to ensure capacity to complete academic course work, most of which will be done through self-directed assignments.
  4. A recognised qualification in a profession involving the care of people with mental health problems, such as Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Counselling (with membership of BAC).  The Programme will assume basic knowledge of topics such as the diagnosis of mental health problems, ethical practice and the capacity of the trainee to observe basic ethical, safety and reporting procedures in carrying out a course of therapy.
  5. Normally the applicant will also be working in settings in which they can be working systemically with clients.  Trainees must have the approval of their manager in releasing them from some of their normal duties for the duration of the Programme.