Doctorate in Clinical Research (DClinRes)

Current student research projects and awards


Linda Knott
Mixed methods evaluation of psychosocial screening in an outpatient physiotherapy department: a pilot study   

Psychosocial factors are the most significant clinical predictors of outcome for patients with musculoskeletal pain. Physiotherapy professional standards state that they need to be assessed in all patients: previous audit indentified poor compliance within all local outpatient departments. Discussion and collaboration resulted in the development of a new patient-completed ‘Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire’ (IoSQ). The first study will be a service evaluation of current psychosocial screening practice in a department naive to the development and use of IoSQ: ten sets of notes for each physiotherapist (n=7) will be audited; patients of each set of notes will be sent a questionnaire exploring their experience of any screening and will be invited to a focus group to discuss psychosocial screening. In the second study, the IoSQ will be introduced pragmatically within the same department, and compliance in psychosocial screening re-explored as above. Physiotherapists will also be asked to complete a questionnaire exploring their perception of the value of the IoSQ. Analysis will be descriptive statistics and thematic analysis.


I entered my abstract on the spasticity audit for the national 'Excellence in spasticity management' awards.  This was judged by a panel of clinicians, including Dr Anthony Ward, Rehabilitation Consultant at Stoke on Trent (who chaired the guideline development group).  I was awarded first prize: £2000 to attend an over seas congress so am going to International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Puerto Rico next June.

Rhoda, Doctorate in Clinical Research student