Doctorate in Clinical Practice (DClinPrac)

Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Participants will have access to experienced psychoanalytic practitioners and researchs, as teachers, research supervisors and tutors who will be able to help programme members develop and implement their own research ideas.

Staff include:

  • Dr Maggy Cairns
  • Dr Jo-Anne Carlyle - Senior Lecturer 
  • Professor Jeremy Holmes
  • Dr Jean Knox - Associate Professor
  • Dr Georgia Lepper
  • Gillian Miles
  • Richard Mizen, Programme Director
  • Dr Nick Sarra - Group analyst
  • Dr Janet Smithson - Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Judith Trowell


A range of assessment methods are utilised to assess the modules within the programme. Assessments are innovative and are designed to prepare you for research and leadership in the real world. The programme utilises both formative assessments to help develop you and provide feedback to enhance your performance, and summative assessments to evaluate your progress.  For further information about the assignments please see here