Developing and Enhancing Clinical Competence

A major focus of the programme is placed upon the development of competence across a range of low intensity interventions. A major focus of your time within the university taught days and your study days is on your own practice and the rehearsal of the interventions presented during the programme. To help structure and formalise this component of the programme the Self-Practice, Self-Reflection (SP/SR) model of supervision (Bennett-Levy et al., 2001; Farrand et al., 2010) will be adopted.

This model of supervision requires you to initially undertake the Low Intensity interventions presented during the programme on yourself, and then reflect upon your use. Rather than provide areas for you to focus your reflections around for each intervention which can be unnecessarily limiting, you are encouraged to provide widespread reflections on anything that arises concerning your self practice.

All individual reflections should be posted on the respective SP/SR blog set up around each intervention. Links to all the blogs can be accessed directly on ELE, each blog has been set up with restricted access. Therefore the only people who can view the contents of each blog are members of the teaching team, trainees on the programme and ELE IT support. However you are still encouraged not to place any personal or sensitive information on the blog, unless the group decides this is acceptable.

SP/SR Group Supervision

All postings on the blogs will be used to set the agenda for group clinical supervision sessions at the beginning of selected teaching days during Modules 1 and 2.  It is important that you complete your reflections and post these on the respective blog by the dates indicated on your homework sheet and blog timetable on ELE.