Progression through the Programme

If, at any time a student has concerns about their progress through the programme, they should discuss this with the Programme Director.  An appropriate action plan can then be set up to anticipate and avoid problems.

Academic Progress

A programme member’s academic performance is monitored by their individual tutor and/or academic team. If there are concerns about a programme member’s academic progress the individual tutor and/or academic team will initially discuss these with the programme member.  The academic lead needs to be kept informed of any concerns and may arrange to discuss these with the programme member.

If at any time there is serious concern about the progress or performance of a student in any aspect of the programme, the Programme Director will formally issue guidance informing the programme member about which areas of work are giving rise to that concern, what needs to be done to achieve satisfactory progress and the date by which satisfactory progress is expected.  In the absence of remedy, or improvement, the Programme Director will report the problem to the Director of Clinical Training or director of CYP IAPT who will report to the Dean of the College.  If the Dean is satisfied that action is appropriate, he/she will issue final guidance indicating that unless there is satisfactory improvement the programme member’s continued University registration may be terminated.

Appeal procedures

If a programme member feels that there has been irregularity in the marking of an assessment and wishes to appeal against a provisional mark before the Board of Examiners, they should bring the grounds for their appeal in writing promptly to the attention of the Director of Clinical Training or the Director of CYP IAPT Programmes who may then seek the opinion of an additional marker. The External Examiner would then review both marks and the correspondence. This will usually resolve the matter, but if a student still feels that he or she has grounds for a formal appeal, the university’s procedures for doing this can be found here.

These University procedures would also apply in the case of a programme failure.

Complaints Procedure

The University has a formal complaints procedure.  In the event of a complaint, this procedure should be followed.

Academic Probity

The definition of cheating and plagiarism in this document are taken from the University’s Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA).

Definitions and offences are outlined in the TQA here. Information on poor academic practice and academic misconduct is also outlined in detail here.