Mitigation Requests

Mitigation Procedure 2019

Application for mitigation of assessment should be made prior to the assessment deadline in question. Students are responsible for making applications for mitigation for the affected module/element of assessment. Please submit a Mitigation form within one working day of the assessment to

Students may apply for mitigation for more than one module where the same circumstances have affected more than one assessment. However, students must use the correct mitigation form and be explicit in detailing: the circumstances that have affected them, how these circumstances have affected their performance and evidence to support their application (doctor's note etc.), together with written corroboration/support from their workplace supervisor.

Please be clear on your form which assessment you are applying for mitigation for by providing the module code (e.g. PYCM037) and the title of your assessment (e.g. Extended Case Report). If you do not provide the correct module code and title of the assessment there may be delays for processing your application.

Where we do not receive correctly completed mitigation forms and supporting evidence, the assessment will be marked as late until the correct documentation is provided by the student.

Late applications for mitigation (made after the original assessment deadline) should only be considered in exceptional circumstances, where there are compelling reasons why the application was not made at the time. Examples may include an emerging condition, the effect of which was not clear at the time of the examination/during completion of the assignment, or a condition such as severe clinical depression which affects a student’s ability to understand or engage with the procedures. 

Late Submission of assessments

Where the assessment is submitted after the agreed deadline, it will be marked as late.

Subsequently, if the work is received within two weeks of the agreed submission date, the mark for the assessment will be capped at 50%. If the assessment is submitted after two weeks of the agreed date it will receive a mark of 0%. At this point, the assessment will become referred and the module will be capped at 50%.

The referred assessment must be resubmitted within four weeks of the deadline. If the student receives a failing mark for the referred assessment or fails to submit work prior to, or by the agreed deadline, this will mean that the student fails the programme.