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Information about the HI IAPT Course Team and their contact details can be found here.

HI IAPT Programme aims

CBT Competences and the Curriculum

Course Assessment Flow Chart 2021 Cohort 13

Information about the 2020/21 (Cohort 13) programme structure can be located here, including information on Tutorials and Supervision

For detailed information about Supervision, please see the Supervision Guidance pages

2020/21 (Cohort 13) assessment overview

2021/22 (Cohort 14) assessment overview

The competency tapes (CTSR) manual can be viewed here.

Detailed information about the Clinical Portfolio can be located here.

For information regarding the mitigation process, view the mitigation requests page.

Forms available for download may be located here.


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Other useful information:

Generic IAPT Programme Handbook: this contains information to do with general IAPT procedures and processes such as word count guidance, mitigation processes, programme governance. Please do familiarise yourself with this handbook.

Programme and Module Descriptors

Reading Lists

Information sent to Workplace Service Leads, Clinical Leads & Supervisors: more information can be found here. The document sent to the above, is available for download: Information for Leads and Supervisors - Cohort 12 2020