Individual 1:1 Tutorials

  • 1 x 20 minutes tutorial per term



  • Opportunity to review and reflect on your development and the course
  • Opportunity to give and receive feedback on assessed work.
  • Opportunity to give and receive feedback on the course.
  • To review your clinical portfolio.
  • A safe environment for addressing personal development.

NB: If trainees have any concerns or issues that may be impacting on their ability to participate fully in the training or causing them any distress or concern, trainees are strongly encouraged to notify either their tutor or any member of the course team as soon as possible, rather than wait for their 1:1 tutorial.



Trainees are required to bring up to date forms each term for their individual tutorials, to include where appropriate:

  • Clinical Log
  • Supervision Log
  • Teaching Log
  • Practice Outcomes Assessment



1:1 Tutorial Termly Review (.pdf)

Portfolio Review Form