Teaching Days 2016



Term 1

Week 1                      Friday 5th February (University Teaching Day)

Week 2                      Thursday 11th February to Friday 12th February*

HALF TERM:               15th February - 19th February

Week 3                      Friday 26th February (University Teaching Day)

Week 4                      Friday 4th March (University Teaching Day)

Week 5                      Friday 11th March (University Teaching Day)

Week 6                      Friday 18th March*

EASTER TERM:           28th March - 23rd April


Term 2

Week 1                       Friday 29th April (University Teaching Day)

Week 2                       Friday 6th May*

Week 3                       Friday 13th May*

Week 4                       Friday 20th May (University Teaching Day)

HALF TERM:                23rd May - 27th May

Week 5                       Friday 3rd June (University Teaching Day)

Week 6                       Friday 10th June (University Teaching Day)

Week 7                       Friday 17th June*

Week 8                       NO TEACHING

Week 9                       Friday 1st July (University Teaching Day)

Week 10                     Friday 8th July (University Teaching Day)

SUMMER BREAK:        11th July - 5th September



Term 3

Week 1                       Friday 9th September (University Teaching Day)

Week 2                       Friday 16th September*

Week 3                       NO TEACHING

Week 4                       NO TEACHING

Week 5                       Friday 7th October*

Week 6                       Friday 14th October (University Teaching Day)

Week 7                       NO TEACHING

HALF TERM:                24th October - 28th October

Week 8                       Friday 4th November (University Teaching Day)

Week 9                       Friday 11th November*

Week 10                     NO TEACHING

Week 11                     Friday 25th November*

Week 12                     Friday 2nd December (University Teaching Day)


*Sessions held offsite for Workplace Directed Learning.  

Please note: the course is not formally completed until the successful submission of all examined work and the diploma is not awarded until the Award Board has met.


Office Hours

Contact the CYP IAPT Administrator (Beth MacLachlan) for help with any administrative queries.

You can contact the EEBP Programme team by email with any programme queries you may have. They will be happy to arrange an individual time to meet if needed.



Student must complete electronic feedback on ELE for each of their teaching sessions. These are per topic, rather than per day of teaching.

Feedback consists of a brief questionnaire and should easily be completed within 1-3 minutes. You will also need to evidence that you have completed feedback as part of your Clinical Portfolio assessment.

Feedback provides an opportunity for students to give their opinions and thoughts on teaching sessions and allows the CYP IAPT team to implement new suggestions and changes for future cohorts.


Location of Teaching

All University Teaching will take place in the Washington Singer Building or Reed Hall, University of Exeter.

Work-Based Directed Learning will be confirmed with you directly and will take place in groups within a service in your locality.

Work-Based Supervision will be confirmed with you directly and will take place in groups within a service in your locality. This will take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday).


The Structure and Timings of the days:

University teaching days: Thursdays/Fridays

9.45am –4.45pm                  Large group workshops

12.45pm–1.45pm                 Lunch

Work-base directed learning days: Thursdays/Fridays



Study Time

Trainees are required by National Guidance to have a minimum of 28 days study time in addition to taught hours.  We have timetabled in 6 days study time during half terms. It is recommended that the remaining 22 days are spread throughout the year, either as a half day each week or an arrangement that works best for the programme member and their employer.