Supervisor Practice Outcomes Assessment

A fundamental aspect of the course assessment is the successful completion of competence based practice outcomes supported by your supervisor in practice. To enable you to gain competence in these outcomes, those assigned for each module will all be assessed together at the end of the programme using the Practice Outcomes Assessment document.

Your work-based clinical supervisor will have undertaken a training course detailing the requirements of this aspect of the assessment. In addition they will have gained an understanding of the content and structure of the programme. This will enable them to provide supervision that provides a bridge between your training and your clinical practice.


Role of the Clinical Supervisor

As well as providing general support, the role of the Clinical Supervisor involves monitoring and assessing the developing clinical skills of the student through a variety of methods. These could include direct observation, the use of audio tapes of clinical interviews undertaken by the student and reflections by the student on their developing practice. The taught practice time and Clinical Supervision are essential to the achievement of the clinical practice outcomes in the programme. These are assessed by the supervisor and recorded in the clinical practice outcomes assessment document. The Clinical Supervisor will therefore act to guide and assess the student’s developing knowledge and skills, and the achievement of the clinical practice outcomes in relation to clinical, patient based aspects of the student’s role.


Completion of Practice Outcomes

Whilst your work-based clinical supervisor will support you during the programme and has responsibility for assessing your practice based outcomes it is your responsibility to ensure that you successfully complete the Practice Outcomes Assessment document by the completion date. Failure to do this by the completion date will result in a fail.