Mitigation Requests

Application for mitigation of assessment should be made prior to the assessment deadline in question. Students are responsible for making applications for mitigation to the Programme Administrator for the affected module/element of assessment.

Students may apply for mitigation for more than one module where the same circumstances have affected more than one assessment. However, students must use the correct mitigation form and be explicit in detailing: the circumstances that have affected them, how these circumstances have affected their performance and evidence to support their application (doctor's note etc.)

Students wishing to apply for mitigation for the EEBP course should complete the and return it to the administrator via email. All fields of the form must be completed and a specific, weekday date by which the work is expected to be completed (which doesn't fall on a University of Exeter closure day e.g. - bank holidays) should be provided.

We require both the completed form and evidence to process your request and forward to the mitigation committee who consider mitigation requests.

Please complete the mitigation form fully and ensure that you provide accompanying evidence to support your claim.

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