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CYP IAPT Handbook and Resources

There are three key handbooks for each strand of the CYP IAPT course, these are designed to help you navigate your way through the PG Diploma in Children and Young People IAPT programme. This should be your first port of call for questions about the course and we hope that they are comprehensive and helpful.

1. A generic IAPT handbook which will provide you with information about the department of Psychology, the University of Exeter and University policies and procedures, including details about how your academic work is marked, how you can submit work and requests for extensions etc. and how you can access support and other facilities at the University.

2. The PG Diploma Core Module handbook which provides you with information about the PYCM027 Core Module undertaken by all CYP IAPT students.

3. For each strand (CBT/PT/0-5s/SFP) you will find a specific IAPT handbook which provides you with information including details of the CBT, PT, 0-5s and SFP staff teams, the content and structure of the course (including practicalities such as dates and times), academic and clinical coursework requirements and support and resources available. These handbooks also include the Clinical and Supervision Portfolio outlining the Information you need to compile to pass the Clinical Practice components of the course, and documents outlining procedures, requirements and paperwork relating to supervision for each strand.


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