6. Specific guidelines and marking criteria

6.1. The Research Competency Log

The log (see Research Competency Log) of research and related generic skills and competencies is designed to help trainees to record and reflect on their experience and development during training. It will provide an overall summary of the trainee’s clinical research skills and highlight areas for continued professional development.
The log outlines main areas of competence which the BPS expects a trainee to develop during training.
The list is not exhaustive and there are many other competencies that trainees will acquire. It is important to recognise that trainees may not be able to develop all of the competencies in every year of training. Equally, by the end of training, trainees should not expect to be expert in everything: some areas will be better practised than others.

How to use the Self-Rating Log of Research Competence

  1. Consider the experience gained prior to or during training in teaching, the SSRP, the Thesis or other activities (e.g., clinical placement). Read through the list of competencies below.
  2. Use a fresh column for each time (start of training and after every year) when experience has been gained.
  3. Refer to the rating definition on the following page, and rate each competency with respect to level of ability and importance to own development.
  4. Meet with research supervisors at the end of each year and ask for their feedback. Complete the rating in pen, when the rating is agreed between trainee and supervisor. If the trainee and supervisor differ, then leave the pencil rating and add the supervisors’ rating in pen alongside.
  5. Submit the log to the appraiser and supervisors before your annual appraisal meeting (normally in September).