Quality assurance

The university has procedures in place for the regular review of its educational provision, including the annual review of modules and programmes which draw on feedback from such sources as external examiners’ reports, programme member evaluation, programme member achievement and progression data.  In addition, subject areas are reviewed every three years through a subject and programme quality review scheme that includes external input.  These procedures are recorded in codes of practice contained in the Teaching Quality Assurance manual which is available online. The Programme is also approved by the HCPC and accredited by the BPS, while nearly all subject areas are reviewed from time to time by the national Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

Risk Assessment

If a risk assessment is carried out for students or staff please use the form in this link and refer to the guidelines 

Once a form has been completed please send it to: cles-healthandsafety@exeter.ac.uk and in the subject heading please include your name and (PSY) at the end so the Psychology forms be can easily identified in the CLES inbox. Charlie Dibble is the H&S Safety Co-ordinator for the discipline and is therefore responsible for ensuring assessments are checked and will advise assessors of any changes that need to be done to comply with the University’s standards.

Christine Soper is your co-ordinator specifically (and only) for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) – guidance also contained in the link above.