Taunton and Somerset Sick, Annual and Other Leave Policy

Trainees should notify the programme administrator immediately if they are unable to attend teaching, placements or other programme related activities for reasons of sickness or other exceptional reasons (e.g., attending funerals). For HCPC purposes you are required to sign to register your presence in teaching on a daily basis.

Annual Leave

Trainees are entitled to annual leave in accordance with Agenda for Change provision (27 days annual leave for people with less than 5 years NHS service). 

Trainees should let the programme administrator know about planned annual leave in advance. Normally annual leave must be taken outside university term time. Trainees are expected to negotiate leave times with their placement supervisors.It is important as part of our self-care that we take all our annual leave within the year. Annual leave cannot be carried over into the following year.

In exceptional circumstances, up to 5 days of untaken annual leave can be carried forward at the discretion of the senior management group. Please send any requests to carry over annual leave, with the rationale for the request, to DClinPsy@exeter.ac.uk

Booking Annual Leave

Annual leave applications must be booked in advance. 

Trainees should let the programme administrator know about planned leave in advance.

Normally annual leave must be taken outside academic teaching times and therefore trainees are expected to negotiate leave times with their placement supervisors and to ensure their leave card is authorised by the supervisor.

Reporting of Sick Leave

Trainees have a responsibility to be familiar with the trust’s procedures for managing sickness and to co-operate with its implementation.

All trainees are expected to attend work and carry out their duties.

When unable to do so you are required to:

  • Inform your place of work of your non-attendance and to provide a reason for the absence together with a likely date of return.  In this respect the nominated person will be the Programme Administrator and in addition if on clinical placement, your clinical placement supervisor.  
  • Report the absence no later than one hour after the start of your working day.
  • Notify the nominated person of your intended date of return to work as soon as possible.
  • Provide a GP certificate if the absence lasts 8 calendar days or more.
  • Complete a Return to Work Interview Record on completion of the absence and return it to the programme administrator.

 Within the trust’s Managing Sickness Policy a Return to Work interview should be completed upon an individual’s return from their absence. In the case of trainees on placement this can be difficult, therefore trainees will only initially be required to complete the Return to Work Interview form. If any concerns are raised through this form or triggers within the policy are breached you will be contacted by a HR Advisor from Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

Failure to report sickness absence will mean that non-attendance will be marked as unauthorised leave and as such will be unpaid.

As with all absences in the workplace, your peers, lecturers and tutors on the programme will be routinely be notified of any absences as relevant on the particular day.  For extended absences, interruptions or withdrawals, the cohort and staff will also be informed of the occurrence and likely duration of the absence.  The trainee in question will be invited to comment on any additional information regarding the reason for absence they would like to be communicated to their peers as this may be a valuable source of support or the trainee may wish that the occurrence of the absence, interruption or withdrawal only is communicated.

Other Leave Arrangements

All other leave will firstly need confirmation from the employer that in principal it is acceptable before it can be considered and approved by the programme.

For information about Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s Special Leave Policy, please see the document on this page: http://cedar.exeter.ac.uk/handbook/programme/policy/employerpoliciesguidance/