Entry agreement

Below is the text of the entry agreement signed by all trainees who join the programme. 

All psychology trainees who study for a university degree that prepares them to work as a clinical psychologist are directly exposed within their clinical training to many aspects of the clinical environment.

It is therefore essential that clinical psychology trainees fulfil the requirements of the Health and Care Professions Council outlined in their Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and their Guidance on Conduct and Ethics for Students, and the British Psychological Society's Code of Ethics and Conduct . We believe that these should apply to clinical psychologists at all levels including trainees and therefore before accepting the offer of a place to train as a clinical psychologist at the University of Exeter, we wish you to be aware of our expectations of trainees with regards to professional behaviour.

We ask you to agree to the following, as derived from the HCPC/BPS requirements to guide you, as you become a competent practitioner. If you have difficulty with any aspect of the following statements, any member of the course team will discuss with you how best to resolve the matter.

  1. When I meet patients and listen to them I will respect their views, treat them politely and considerately, respect their privacy and dignity and respect their right to refuse to take part in my learning.
  2. I will not allow my views about a person's lifestyle, culture, beliefs, race, colour, gender, sexuality, age, social status or perceived economic worth to prejudice my interaction with patients, teachers or colleagues.
  3. I will not abuse the trust of a patient or a vulnerable person and I will not enter into an unprofessional relationship with another person in the clinical context for example, a patient with whom I've come into contact.
  4. I will make clear to others that I'm a trainee clinical psychologist and not a qualified practitioner. I understand, accept and agree to be bound by the principle of confidentiality of patient records and patient data. I will not discuss patients with other students and others outside of the clinical setting except anonymously. I will respect all clinical and other records of patients.
  5. I will maintain appropriate standards of dress, appearance and personal hygiene so as not to disquiet patients, teachers or colleagues.
  6. I will engage in psychological work with patients of both sexes, irrespective of gender, culture, beliefs, disability or disease of the patient. Before undertaking any psychological assessment or intervention will obtain permission to do so from the patient (or appropriate other where this is not possible because of age or competence).
  7. I will participate in practising clinical skills with other students, for the purpose of learning skills, which may involve role-plays and personal disclosure.
  8. I will attend all placements, classes and other teaching sessions as requested by the regulations of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme. I will travel as required to the placements designated.
  9. I recognise that successful completion of the course may require study outside of contracted hours.
  10. I will not plagiarise material from other sources and submit it as my own work.
  11. I will inform the programme director if I'm arrested, charged, convicted, cautioned, or reprimanded in relation to any offence during my time as a student.
  12. I will communicate effectively and appropriately with patients, supervisors, course staff and peers in a timely way.
  13. I will carefully evaluate and take action to minimise risk to others and myself.
  14. I will take responsibility for my own learning and be proactive in finding learning opportunities.
  15. I will complete all occupational health appointments as requested by the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme and provide any authenticated reports of laboratory tests as may be required.
  16. I will inform the programme director if there is any significant change to my health that might affect my fitness to practise as a trainee and/or subsequently as a clinical psychologist.
  17. I confirm the details in my application to the Clearing House for Clinical Psychology courses, and that I did not omit any important or relevant information on my application. I understand that if the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme discovers that I've been untruthful in my application it reserves the right to withdraw an offer or terminate the course of study.
  18. I confirm that I have read and understood the above statements and will conform to them whilst a trainee clinical psychologist. I also confirm that I've read the HCPC Standards of Conduct Performance and Ethics, the HCPC Guidance on Conduct and Ethics for Students and the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct.