‌What is the tariff system?

In 2014 a new system was introduced to pay health care institutions providing clinical training placements.  Previously NHS Trusts were contracted to provide clinical placements.  As from April 2014 each organisation that provides a clinical placement will be paid per trainee, so the ‘money follows the trainee’. This is referred to as the Non-Medical (NMET) Placement Tariff.  For 2014 the NMET placement tariff rate is £3,175 per 1 WTE.  The NMET placement tariff is currently being paid to South West trusts that have a Learning and Development Agreement (LDA) in place with Health Education South West (HESW). The NMET placement tariff is not specific to clinical psychology but covers clinical placements in many pre-registration areas, including: nurses; midwives; dieticians; occupational therapists; physiotherapists; speech and language therapists; psychologists.

How is the money paid?

Trainee clinical psychologists are now required to provide a Monthly Timesheet by the 6th of the month. This data is then submitted annually by Exeter University DClin programme to Health Education South West who then pays the relevant placement provider.

Who does the money get paid to?

This varies depending on the structure and size of the organisation. In many NHS trusts this is paid to the learning and development, HR or Finance department.

What is the money intended to pay for?

This is up to the individual organisation to decide. Some clinical psychologists have become involved with their organisation to help shape how this money is used.

For further information see Health Eduction South West Paper (.docx).