Guidance on Induction for Placements

Trainees are employed by NHS Trusts. As such they have completed all the checks and have undertaken a general induction which is sufficient to enable trainees to work safely in NHS (or equivalent) placement setting. Further information can be found at the  Taunton and Somerset Induction Topics page. Upon starting placement trainees will need to undertake a local induction, which we suggest covers the following:

  • A tour of the building and introduction to staff
  • Showing where the trainee will be working and how to access relevant resources
  • Computer systems and guidance on record keeping
  • Over-view any relevant safety procedures (fire exits, panic buttons in clinic rooms etc.)
  • Location of policies
  • Parking and local amenities

Some Trusts do require Trainees to undertake additional training during their placement. Ideally this training should be done on placement days. If the Trust require the training to be completed prior to the Trainee being allowed to do any clinical work, then it is permissible to do this during academic teaching time. However, this should be avoided where possible, and this needs to be discussed and agreed with the Clinical Tutor/Director and Academic Director prior to attending.