On this page you will find links to the websites where the theses from other Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training programmes can be found. 

University of Hull

All of their theses are on the Hydra Digital Repository which is open access, there is a category for clinical psychology under topic.

Link https://hydra.hull.ac.uk/resources?f%5Bgenre_sim%5D%5B%5D=Thesis+or+dissertation

University of Hertfordshire

Theses are available here


Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York

The Leeds course use the Whit Rose Ethesis Online (along with Sheffield and York Universities) http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/view/


Leeds also have a list of trainees research publications on our own website http://medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/info/618/clinical_psychology_dclinpsychol/799/trainee_publications which are mainly from their theses projects but there are also some service evaluation projects in there too.


All other completed research is kept on the internal VLE system.