The research theses submitted during the final year of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology are now available online as part of Open Access Exeter.

Open Access (OA) is all about sharing research freely and openly. This not only benefits the general public but there are also clear benefits to individual researchers and their institutions.

There is a moral principle or spirit behind OA which states that publicly funded research should be openly and freely available. What that comes down to for the average researcher, is that a copy of a research paper should be placed online as soon as possible after publication or completion with no restrictions on who can access, view or download it.

If you go to the E-Theses section of Open Access Exeter and use the search term DClinPsych you will retrieve all the posted doctoral theses from the Programme.


Caroline Gashe Infant Temperament, Maternal Attributions, Mood and Rumination, in Predicting Maternal Problem-solving and Mother-Infant Bonding in the Postnatal Period Heather O'Mahen
Philip Gower Therapist competence, case conceptualisation and therapy outcome in cognitive behavioural therapy Willem Kuyken
Alex  Boyd Effects of Rumination on Problem-Solving, Mood and Confidence in Post-natal Dysphoria Heather O'Mahen
Victoria Barnes Using Mindfulness and the Dive Reflex as Techniques from Polyvagal Theory to Regulate Approach Motivation Kim Wright
Caroline Shinner Exploratory analyses of emotion recognition difficulties in children with acquired brain injury Huw Williams
Andrew Newman Discussing causality with families in a family management and therapy integrated service, a qualitative study with focus groups. Janet Reibstein
Claire Jones An Exploration of the Construct Validity of Self-Compassion Anke Karle
Laura Hanley DTI in TBI: An exploratory study into   a method enabling detection of White Matter  changes in individuals following TBI Dereck Jones
Huw Williams
Martin Bunnage


Kirstin Lean Creating Family Resilience Lynn McClelland
Lucy Marie Butler Paternal Depression, Expressed Emotion and Child Emotional and Behavioural Problems Lamprini Psychogiou
Heather O'Mahen
Emma Lishman The Paradox of Dementia Janet Smithson
Richard Cheston
Joy Alexandra Macrae Maternal responsiveness and Women's Self Report to infant stimuli in Pregnancy Jonathan Evans
Marc Talbot Why People in Haematological and Oncological Care Avoid or Delay Seeking Medical Treatment for Infections Caused by Low White Blood Cell Counts Phil Yates
Guy Mizon Is Expressive Flexibility Related To Recovery From A Stressful Task? Thomas R Lynch
Jennifer Bunting Gendered Differences in Perceived Emotion: The Impact on Clinical Diagnoses and Treatment Michelle Ryan
Claire Delduca An Investigation into the Relationship between Approach-Related Responses and Positive Affect in Bipolar Disorder Kim Wright
Leo Russell
Emma Hodges Parenting, head injury and aggression: Predictive pathways of offending in male young offender Huw Williams
Estelle Rapley Exploring the process of family interventions in relation to attachment, attributions and the maintenance of difficulties. An IPA study Janet Reibstein
Frank Burbach
Claire Nash The Mediational Effect of Self-Regulatory Capacity on the Relationship Between Temperament, Childhood Invalidation and Interpersonal Functioning: Testing a New Neuro-Regulatory Model Thomas R Lynch
Roelie Hempel
Heather O'Mahen
Sophie Vellerman The psychological wellbeing of siblings of children with CFS/ME: a qualitative study Esther Crawley
Laura Artis Emergency department staff attitudes towards people who self-harm and the influences of norms on behaviour Joanne R Smith
Jenna Oliphant Emotion processing after childhood Acquired Brain Injury (ABI): an eye tracking study Huw Willams
Tim Hodgson
Ingram Wright
Amy Bryant Maternal Postnatal Depression, Expressed Emotion and Associated Child Internalising and Externalising Problems Aged 2-Years Lamprini Psychogiou
Heather O'Mahen
Samantha Bampton Young People's Experiences of Hearing Voices: A Phenomenological Study of Self and Sense-Making in First-Episode Psychosis Avril Mewse



Anna Abel  Examining the Process of Change in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Kuyken, Willem
Henley, William

Regine Anker  The association between early maternal responsiveness and later child behaviour. Helen Bould
Jonathan Evans
Paul Beckley   Identity-Complexity, Stigmatised Identities and Psychological Well-being in Adolescents.

Michelle Ryan
Nicholas Moberley

Lara Best  The Association Between Maternal Responsiveness and Child Social and Emotional Development. Laura Miller
Rebecca Pearson
Sarah Coffey Determinants and Influences of Paternal Responsiveness in Infancy.  Rebecca Pearson
Jonathan Evans
Laura Dixie  The Association Between Observed Maternal Sensitivity to Non-distress and Child Temperament. Carol Joinson
Phil Yates
Aimee Hadert Adapting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Interventions for Anxiety or Depression to Meet the Needs of People with Long-term Physical Health Conditions: A Mixed-Methods Study. Paul Farrand
Phil Yates
Andre Iles Security-Priming in Trauma-Exposed Individuals: an fMRI study.   Anke Karl
Catherine Jones The Road To Maternal Responsiveness Is Paved With Good Intentions: An Investigation into the Relative Effects of Breastfeeding Intention and Practice on Observed Maternal Responsiveness after Birth. 

R.M. Pearson
J. Evans 

Katherine Jones  The Psychological Health of Emergency Medicine Consultants.

Phil Yates
Jonathan Benger
Adrian Harris 

Vivien Le Fort  Why don't all trauma survivors develop PTSD? A multi-method exploration of resilience.

Anke Karl
Janet Smithson 

Kat Legge  Parental self-compassion, attributions of child behaviour and sensitive responding.  Willem Kuyken
Joe Lowenstein An Investigation into the Effects of Different Types of Exercise on the Maintenance of Approach Motivation Levels Using a Population Analogous to Individuals with Bipolar Disorder.  Kim Wright
Ian McKenna Cognitive Behavioural Therapies for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAnD) Review. R.Churchill 
Nicola Motton Mindfulness and rumination: Mediators of change in depressive symptoms? A preliminary investigation of a universal mindfulness intervention for adolescents.  Willem Kuyken
Russell Norton Facilitators Views on Victim Empathy Work in Sex Offender Treatment and its Impact on Therapeutic Alliance.

Victoria Knauer
Nicholas Moberley

Julia Salt The Relationship between Maternal Sensitivity in Infancy, and Actual and Feared Separation in Childhood, on the Development of Adolescent Antisocial Behaviour. Walker, Julian
Lewis, Glyn
Amy Savile The Influence of Maternal Reflective Functioning and Expressed Emotion on Children’s Attachment among Children with or at Risk of Behavioural Problems. Tamsin Ford
Anna Adlam
Georgina Taylor Overcontrolled Tendencies in Refractory Depression compared to Acute Non-Chronic Depression; The Importance of Treating Maladaptive Personality Style. Thomas Lynch
Roelie Hempel
Heather O’Mahen
Jade West An exploratory study into the association between Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) coping styles, Posttraumatic Stress, and Posttraumatic Growth in working age adults who have experienced a traumatic life event.

Neal Marsh
Anke Karl




Katie Williams

The Association of Postpartum Mood and Neural Responses to Infant-Related and Generally Rewarding Stimuli: An fMRI Study.

Natalia Lawrence
Lamprini Psychogiou

Kat Fitzgerald The Psychological Health of Emergency Medicine Consultants   Phil Yates
Christina Rowe  An Experimental Examination of the Impact of Perceived Stigma of Mental Health Problems on Help-Seeking Attitudes Manuela Barreto
Claudia Copestake  The Impact of Experiential Avoidance on Reduced Positive Emotional Responsivity in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Barney Dunn
Anke Karl
Kerry Wingfield Digby An Investigation into the Relationship between Depressive Symptoms, Approach-Related Affect, Cognitive Appraisals and Striving Behaviour Kim Wright
Nick Moberly
Sarah Masson  Cancer Survivorship, Identity and Meaning-Making Janet Smithson
Anna Lagerdahl
Alice Kennedy Exploring the Online Social Identities of People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME): A Discourse Analysis Approach  Janet Smithson
Lisa Gilmour Can Being Kind to Ourselves Make a Difference? The Relationship Between Self-compassion and Post Traumatic Stress Disorde Anke Karl
Janet Smithson
Anabelle Denney The Role of Mindfulness in the Relationship Between Self-Care Practice and Vicarious Traumatisation in Trainee Therapists Anke Karl 
Jamie O’Sullivan  Food-associated response inhibition training to reduce snacking behaviour

Natalia Lawrence
Frederick Verbruggen

Victoria Stephens Effects on Depressive Symptoms of a Web-Based Cognitive Bias Modification-Interpretation (CBM-I) Program for Emotion Recognition: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Marcus Munafo
Ian Penton-Voak
Anna Adlam 

Ben Rosser  The Impact of Thought Speed and Variability on Psychological State and Threat Perception Kim Wright
Barney Dunn 

Laura Baker

A Prospective Longitudinal Study of Repetitive Thought as a Vulnerability Factor for Depression in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Edward Watkins
Chris Dickens
Heloise Hunt Impulsivity and Risk-Taking in Adolescent Young Offenders: Does Traumatic Brain Injury Play a Role? Huw Williams
Nick Moberly
 Helen Riley Maternal Attachment and Recognition of Infant Emotion Heather O’Mahen 
Andrew Bromley How do Carers of People With an Intellectual Disability With Dementia Experience Their Role and the Support They Receive Through Services?  Phil Yates

Sarah Cook 

The Association Between Traumatic Brain Injury, Behavioural Factors and Facial Emotion Recognition Skills in Delinquent Youth Huw Williams
Nick Moberly
Kara Bagnall Long-Term Follow-Up of NetmumsHWD: A Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial of Telephone Supported Online Behavioural Activation for Postnatal Depression at 16 Months Post-Randomisation Heather O’Mahen

Clair Burley

Therapists’ Experience of Using the Genogram in Systemic Family and Couples Therapy Janet Smithson
Janet Reibstein