Guidelines for the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Reports

PBLs 1, 2 and 3:

With the exception of the practice PBL exercise in year one, you will continue to work on the PBL exercises independently, using placement experience and new learning as an additional resource, and will submit an individual written report for each PBL. (PBL 4, which focuses on interview with a leader in practice and follows a different format. Please see Guidelines for PBL4 Interview with a Leader. ) The report should be no more than 3000 words in length. However, you are strongly encouraged to use all of the word count. Rules regarding the word counts of assignments can be found here.

The primary purpose of this piece of work is not to simply replicate the content of the presentation but to critically reflect on the work (both in terms of content and process) produced by the group so as to identify strengths and weaknesses of the approach taken in the light of new learning. Therefore, the main focus of the work should be on critical reflections, strengths and weaknesses, the identification of the area/s for development and the actual development of these areas based on your new learning and convenor feedback. The report should be concise, logical and coherent in structure and should seek to review any specific questions raised in the PBL exercise. 

 It would be acceptable for the report to focus on one or more than one aspect of the presentation, the area for independent review being chosen on the basis of convenor feedback, placement and new learning. It is not sufficient to choose an area for revision/development simply because you are interested in it. It needs to flow logically from the presentation and be linked to theory (new learning) and/or practice (placement). For example, it might be the case that your experience on placement reveals new insights into how or what should be assessed and hence the assessment section would be revisited. Alternatively, it might be that experience on placement would suggest a more integrated formulation involving several theoretical orientations rather than a single model chosen by the group. You are expected to summarise the convenor feedback that your group received either in the report or the appendices.

 Over the course of the four written summaries you should seek to show some breadth of learning and not focus on a single aspect of the PBL exercise. The report should contain enough detail from the presentation to ensure that it is intelligible as a stand-alone piece of work. Copies of PowerPoint slides or other media used in the presentation must be included in appendices. You should use the guidelines and or marking criteria below to help you structure your reports.


PBL Written Summary Feedback Form

Marking Criteria for Systemic Problem Based Learning Reports

PBL 4, focuses on interview with a leader in practice and follows a different format. Please see Guidelines for PBL4 Interview with a Leader.