Submission of Academic Work

Details of submission of academic work are described in the relevant programme chapter on Assessment procedures and conventions.

Word Count

All academic written work, including resubmissions, must be submitted within the stated word length and trainees are encouraged to use their full word allocation. Markers will stop marking work at the word limit and so any work found to be over the word limit may not reach the pass standard. 

Word count excludes the following: essay title, contents list, tables, the reference list, figures and appendices. All other words, including any words in the text that refer to any of the above are counted.

Confidentiality and Consent

Please see guidance on confidentiality and consent. This is particularly pertinent to submissions of clinical practice reports.

Maintaining confidentiality is a vital aspect of maintaining professional standards. Any breaches in confidentiality in any assessments will result in the assessment automatically being graded as a Major Amendment (i). Common over-sights by trainees include: the inclusion of identifying information in the appendix (e.g. name of service, identifying information of client or professionals involved), providing excessive information about client and family or geographic location. When writing, always ask yourself if you need to include that bit of information, and if so, is it possibly to anonymise it more (e.g. X lived in a rural county (rather than saying Somerset)).