PBL 5 Interview with a Leader


This Reflective Organisational Practice (ROP) assignment is composed of the presentation and individual write-up of an interview of a leader in practice. Identify a person you perceive as a leader, who you would benefit from interviewing.It takes place in year 2 and follows a rather different format to the other PBL exercises. This one involves identifying, contacting, meeting with and learning from, someone who is working strategically and who has taken on a leadership role. The person you choose to interview can be working in any setting and have any professional or other identity, but please do not chose someone who is a friend or family member.During the ROP series you have been covering aspects of leadership from a variety of angles and will know it has many forms and can be conceptualized in different ways. We also understand that, possibly more than in other strands of the programme, the gap between what we teach and your experience on the ground can be quite large. Services are facing many challenges at present and it may be difficult to see the opportunities for working strategically and taking on leadership roles under these circumstances.In year 1 you will have taken part in a joint session with the second years, where they presented their experience of this exercise, so will have some idea of the varied approaches that can be taken, and the implications for clinical psychology that can be drawn. You will have heard something of the theoretical ideas and research evidence that has informed the project.The task is to seek out clinical psychologists (or others) in a leadership role, in your locality if possible, who have an interest in, and could provide a practical example of, leadership in practice. You can work solo or in pairs, but wherever possible keep the people you contact to those within your locality area. As you will have seen from the presentations from last year’s second years, a range of people were interviewed, and the greater the range the greater the generalizability.Some locality sessions are timetabled for this work and if necessary you could swap them with study, annual leave, or placement as long as this is negotiated with your supervisor.


This ROP assignment is composed of the presentation of an interview of a leader in practice, and a follow up individual write up.

Presentation of interview experience (formative assignment)

Identify a person you perceive as a leader, who you would benefit from interviewing. A short presentation of your interview experience is required, to be delivered to series conveners and your peers in year 1 and 2. Every trainee should undertake to select and interview at least one leader, however interviewing more than one person is allowable. Presentations can be delivered individually or in pairs. Feedback will be given on both the content and the delivery of your presentation. The exact length of each presentation plus Q & A time will be finalised nearer the time.

Content of presentation.

Focus of interview. Who you have chosen to interview; their background, who they are, and the immediate and wider context they work in.

Purpose of interview. Why you chose to interview this person/people; pre-interview expectations, my questions and interview approach

Interview themes. Identifying key themes, consider how these link to leadership & organisational theory, practice and placement experience.

Critical reflection. Critical reflection on the interview process, the link to your personal development in leadership and organisational practice, new learning, new questions to explore, and future actions/intentions.

Delivery of the presentation.

Well organised material: consider structure, order, and key points to create a clear narrative.

Appropriate use of slides/visual prompts: consider the number of slides and their format & design.

Good use of time: plan and practice in order to keep to time limits, and consider how to make good use of Q & A session.

Effective communication with audience: consider verbal communication, e.g. audibility, and non-verbal communication e.g. eye contact.(Supporting resources available on ELE under ROP Teaching and learning series.

PBL5 Interview with a Leader Presentation Marking Criteria

Individual write up (3,000 word summative assignment)

The primary focus of the individual written assignment is on the learning from the interview(s) undertaken by that trainee, however it is appropriate to include any additional learning arising from collaborating with a colleague by delivering the presentation as a pair.

Title, focus and purpose of the interview(s). Construct a title clearly setting out the leadership/organisational issues addressed in this assignment. Clearly & succinctly describe the person(s) chosen to interview in relation to their background, their current role and the immediate and wider context of this work. Present evidence of planning for the interview e.g. pre-interview expectations, interview approach, questions, and a clear rationale for who is selected.

Themes arising from the interview(s). Present evidence of work on identifying key themes arising out of the interview process, and the presentation experience.

Theory practice links. Consider how these key themes link to leadership & organisational theory, AND practice and placement experience.

Critical reflection. Offer both reflective and reflexive comments on the interview and presentation experience, and the links to personal development in leadership and organisational practice. Highlight new learning, and further questions to explore.

Future development. Produce an action plan building on this experience to enhance personal leadership and organisational practice.

Conclusion. A concise yet inclusive synthesis of all the main arguments in the report, ending with a clear concluding statement

PBL5 Interview with a Leader Marking Guidelines

PBL5 Interview with a Leader Feedback Form